Recordings and Quality Assurance
Call Center Recording Services

Crusecom emphasizes the importance of call recording and quality monitoring as key factors in our vision to provide our clients with the excellent execution of services.  Our inbound call center’s advanced recording solution NICE INContactY allows us to manage client interactions with our inbound call capabilities, ensure the accuracy of NICE intelligent routing capabilities, bolster our reporting and analytics with live and recorded audio files, and leverage workforce optimization technologies without sacrificing quality management. This call recording and quality monitoring solution is a critical component of Crusecom’s business offerings, which allows us to maximize the effectiveness of our business processes through planning, executing, evaluating and adjusting when needed.

Call Handling Quality Assurance

At Crusecom, our call handling processes are designed to reflect our drive for continued excellence. Our dedicated quality assurance department focuses on ensuring that Crusecom’s call center is always performing beyond our clients’ expectations. Through a comprehensive program training, monitoring and coaching our entire team plays key roles in each step of the quality assurance process.

The combined functionality of our call recording and quality monitoring solution, featuring Avaya Aura and NICE INContact,  provides Crusecom’s inbound call center with a quicker and more user-friendly interface, improved call recording search functionality, and easy-to-create and use quality forms. Our process allows us to swiftly identify and resolve issues, resulting in a more agile solution.

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