Technology in Our Inbound Call Center

At Crusecom, we understand that employing the most technologically advanced systems is imperative to do inbound call handling for our clients. Our rich background in information technology consulting and services allows our team of technicians to acutely focus on the evolution of our IT Infrastructure. Our CTO, AJ Cruse plays a pivotal role in defining and expanding our IT business innovation and ensuring we provide the best possible systems to our Oscoda &  Bellaire Michigan inbound call center clients.


While successfully deploying our vendors’ newest products, our team is constantly evaluating cutting-edge technologies for future deployments.  This gives Crusecom a unique advantage over our competition; not only do we utilize existing technologies to improve our efficiency, we are continuously researching tomorrow’s most innovative technologies to be implemented once commercially available.  Crusecom has an onsite backup 450KW generator that ensure power to the facility during power outages.

Our inbound call center currently utilizes:

IT Infrastructure:

Crusecom’s internal infrastructure employs the new Dell PowerEdge Series Switches, a streamlined high-density and high-availability hardware providing:

  • 1 Gigabit and 10 Gigabit connection
  • Secure, fixed-port POE Gigabit Ethernet switching solutions
  • Deliver full wire-speed switching performance
  • Total switching capacity of up to 224 Gbps
  • 10GbE ports


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