About Crusecom’s Call Centers

For over twenty-five (25) years Crusecom call centers has been servicing our clients with technologically advanced solutions exceeding their expectations and requirements. Operating under the philosophy that rural Michigan has the skills necessary to provide superior customer service at a cost effective rate, Crusecom has grown from a handful of eager agents to a leader in Michigan’s call center industry. Perhaps the most profound achievement Crusecom has made over the last decade hasn’t come in the form of financial success, but rather in seeing the realization of the benefits of a jobs initiative that began in 2002 with Crusecom’s relocation to Oscoda Michigan.  With this change of environment came a major shift in the strategic direction of Crusecom.  Becoming part of a severely economically depressed rural community sparked an idea that rapidly engulfed every aspect of Crusecom’s business model.  Predicated on a simple idea — to restore American jobs to rural communities — Crusecom’s Restore Rural Michigan’s Jobs Initiative was born. concat-img After relocating to Oscoda, it became apparent that the plight of this rural community could be summed up in a few words: a stagnate economy in a rapidly evolving global marketplace.  The small community located along Lake Huron’s coast had been left in economic disarray with the closing of the former Wurtsmith Air Force Base.  To compound matters, Michigan’s rapidly changing economy was no longer providing the jobs that communities like Oscoda needed the most; the manufacturing and labor jobs, once abundant in Michigan, were quickly being shipped overseas.  While larger communities were better equipped to handle the pressure associated with this shift in economic focus, rural communities were left with few solutions.  The challenge, Crusecom realized, was to drive an economic change in this community away from a commodity market and into a technology-based, business-driven service industry.  With this in mind and under the visionary leadership of the President/CEO Arthur Cruse, Crusecom’s business model once focused on technology consulting rapidly evolved into an initiative to restore jobs to rural areas with an emphasis on customer-oriented call center services. SDVOSB_cve_completed_sOscoda was an ideal location to put Crusecom’s Restore Rural Michigan’s Jobs Initiative to the test.  Forging a new industry in a vacation and retirement community presented a number of unforeseen challenges, from a workforce unfamiliar with a call center environment to local community leaders challenging the new industry being built.  We are continually striving to provide the professional jobs to Michigan’s rural residents that are being demanded by a new economy.  Fusing technology, professionalism and customer-oriented support services, Crusecom stands ready to expand Michigan’s new economy through call center services.

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