Work From Home & Oscoda Call Centers –  Monitoring and Coaching

Through a combination of live and recorded call monitoring, our quality assurance team is trained to identify not only mishandled calls, but also patterns in quality metrics across the company.  In this way, our quality is ensured not only on an individual level, but also meeting or exceeding our client service level agreements.

Utilizing a comprehensive grading process, our quality assurance team identifies and measures trends in call handling ranging from qualitative grading techniques for soft skills to quantitate grading techniques for rigid call handling procedures.  This process utilizes a client-approved grading metric system that classifies each step of the call handling process on a point scale; each call is worth up to 100 points.  Some areas of call handling are given more weight than others based on the client’s priority level.  In addition, each call has a number of triggers that can signal an “auto fail,” or a score of 0.  While auto fails are generally related to security concerns or extreme cases of unprofessional conduct, these triggers allow key decision makers the ability to categorize, interpret and address underlying performance concerns on a broad scale, often allowing Crusecom to correct potential issues before they become larger problems.

While identifying patterns on a broad scale is a key function of Crusecom’s quality assurance department, focus on individual performance also plays a significant role.  Utilizing the same grading scale our quality assurance department reviews, at a minimum, one call per day per customer service representative.  Leveraging this random sampling method allows our quality assurance team to identify weaknesses in call handling on an individual level and provides a foundation upon which coaching can begin.  The process further serves to identify any staff members that may need additional training to be successful.  While the primary goal of quality assurance team is to ensure companywide quality goals are met, it also serves as a key function of Crusecom’s employee development process.

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